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                                              "I AM" SERIES

  Leaving Your Water Pot

  Jesus Cares

  Four Days Dead

  Another View of Hurt

                             Martin Luther King, Jr.
            Rev. J. Michael Sanders - Fountain Bapti

  All It Takes Is One

  Giving Birth to Praise

  It's All About Grace

  Overcoming the Blues

  It's Time to Go Farther (New Year's Eve)


  A Word for Superwoman

  Boomerang Blessings

                                              *** VIDEO ***
  Too High a Price

  Anointed to Serve

  You Can Get It Right

  To Deep for Words

  No Room for Doubt

  You Are What You Eat

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  Satisfaction Guaranteed

  Beyond the Door

  The Way Home

  I've Got to Be Me

st Church, Summit, NJ   

  I've Got to Move

  The Books Are Included

  Fulfilling Your Purpose

  Concrete Love

  Getting Out of the Rat Race

  It's the End That Matters


  The Complete Package

  Breaking the Cycles (2004 Theme)

  Where the Spirit is (2005 Theme)

  Who is in the Driver Seat?

  The Blessing of Belonging

  Case Closed

  No Room for Doubt

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