Men of Standard (MOS)


The purpose of this ministry is;

  1. To assist the church in leading men to a deeper commitment to Christ through Bible study and prayer
  2. To promote fellowship among the men of the church and community
  3. To enlist and coordinate the manpower of the church in the performance of church activities

This ministry meets on a monthly basis to equip men for carrying out the work of ministry, at home, in the church and in the surrounding community. We study scripture and fellowship together. All men are invited to participate and encouraged to attend.

Service Opportunity:

We glorify God by ministering in the areas of: academics, advocacy, activism, assistance, activities, and athletics. Brothers, find your area of passion and get on board!

4th Saturday – 8:30am (Chapel)

Ministry Leaders – Roger Blissett
Bill Whitfield
Michael Harris
Advisor: Dea. Monty Tatum