Calvary Connection


The Calvary Connection conveys a dynamic interchange of ideas and spiritual information among our broadening congregation and community of interest. To help facilitate Calvary’s continuing spiritual maturation and outreach beyond our walls, we want to:

  • Connect with you to ensure you are apprised of all the key happenings in our midst,
  • Connect with our ministries as they share their goals and objectives and provide a platform for service opportunities,
  • Connect with our youth and college students by providing them with a voice to articulate their concerns, accomplishments, and aspirations,
  • Connect with our seasoned citizens as they pass on their valuable legacy to posterity and guide us through the life lessons they have accumulated,
  • Connect with people in our community to share with them the precious gospel message of salvation through Christ,
  • Connect with our extended family as they relocate and spread throughout the country,
  • Connect our readers with Christ, the author and finisher of our faith, the Rose of Sharon, the Alpha and Omega, the bright and morning star, the consolation of Israel, and our Redeemer
Ministry Leaders: Min. Evonne Jefferson
Rev. David Hollowell
Peter Ambush