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General Ministry

When Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, "Let the little children come
to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.

Mark 10:14          
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General Ministry (PreK-High School)
We seek to empower youth to express love for God and be mature disciples of Jesus Christ in Christian character, Christian education and Christian service.

Academic Enrichment (Now A.C.C.E.P.T.) Listen, my sons, to a father's instruction; pay attention and gain understanding. I give you sound learning, so do not forsake my teaching.  Proverbs 4:1-2

Our purpose is to enrich the overall academic performance of youth.  This ministry provides one-on-one and group assistance in various subject areas.  Participation is designed to:

  1. Build confidence
  2. Enrich and increase overall academic performance

Called Meetings                                                                          3rd Floor

C.hristians S.eeking I.nstruction Tuesdays After three days they found him [Jesus] in the temple courts, sitting among the teachers, listening to them and asking them questions. Everyone who heard him was amazed at his understanding and his answers.  Luke 2:46-47

CSI Tuesdays’ (formerly known as bible study) purpose is to offer a unique and youth—friendly alternative to the adult study.  Classes are organized according to the following grades: PreK (Mark), K-2 (Ruth), 3-5 (Matthew), 6-8 (Mary) and 9-12 (Upper).
Through this interactive experience, CSI Tuesdays:

  1. Foster an understanding of who God is
  2. Illuminate and make memorable the Word of God
  3. Cultivate a desire to have relationship with God through Jesus

Tuesdays, 7:30pm – 8:30pm                                                        3rd Floor

Church School

The purpose of the Church School is to 1) inculcate the fundamental truths about God's word that will lead unbelievers to salvation through Jesus, and 2) lead believers to a practical application of the word to their daily lives.  We serve as (1) the church’s primary teaching arm; (2) an essential component of the church’s evangelism and outreach efforts, and; (3) and the crucial spiritual foundation in transforming members into disciples.  Church School is one of the primary teaching ministries in the Church, carried on in a classroom setting. These classes range from Nursery to Adult.

Sundays, 9:30AM – 10:30AM                                                       3rd Floor

Y.outh E.nrichment S.ummer Camp Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.  Proverbs 22:6

Our purpose is to offer a Christian-based Calvary/Community endeavor that reaches out to children in rising K-10th grades to instill in our youth respect, self-esteem and knowledge of God.  Adults are welcome to serve in this vital ministry. Say Yes! to:

  1. Academic Enrichment
  2. Leadership Development
  3. Worship Arts
  4. A Relationship with Jesus
  5. Wellness/Healthy Living
  6. Service
  7. Exciting Recreation

6 weeks in July, 7:30AM-6:00PM



Min.Yasin Cobb

Min. Anthony Riley, Min. of Youth Ministry
(973) 267-9079 x206