2011 Study

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Being and Doing Church in the 21st Century
  03/29/11  Introduction xx 04/05/11  Church Formation, Pt. 1 xx
  04/12/11  Church Formation, Pt. 2 xx 04/26/11  A Portrait of Ministry xx
  05/10/11  Stewardship and Honesty xx 05/17/11  Stewardship and Honesty xx
  05/31/11  Gifts and Growth xx 06/07/11  Being and Doing Church in the
               21th Century
  06/14/11  A Portrait of Spiritual Development xx 06/21/11  The Guidance of the Church xx

That Was Then, This Is Now: The God of New Things

(Fall Study of Joshua)

  09/14/11  Joshua Study Outline   09/14/11  The Next Move xx
  09/21/11  Beyond the Prototype xx 09/29/11  Preparation for Crossing xx
  10/12/11  Get Your Feet Wet   11/08/11  Grow Up! xx
  11/15/11  Devoted Things xx 11/29/11  The Danger of Keeping
               Devoted Things
  12/06/11  The Day God Listened xx    

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