2010 Study
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Study of 1 John (continued)
  01/19/10  Sched. for Remainder of 1 John  
  01/19/10  Love Out Fear xx 01/26/10  Comments on 1 John xx
  02/02/10  The Triple Witness xx 01/26/10  Eternal Life xx
  02/16/10  Jesus - The Only Way xx 02/23/10   God Answers Prayer
  03/02/10   God Answers Prayer/Sin and Prayer xx 03/09/10  A Thematic Summary of I John xx
How to Become a Contagious Christian (BCC)

  04/06/10  Study Outline xx 04/13/10  Benefits of BCC xx
  04/20/10  Benefits of BCC (con't) xx 04/27/10  Being Yourself and Impacting Others xx
  05/04/10  Deepening Our Relationship xx 05/11/10  Deepening Our Relationship (con't) xx
  05/25/10  Telling Your Story xx 06/01/10  Communicating the Message xx
  06/15/10  Crossing the Line xx 06/22/10  Crossing the Line (con't) xx
  06/29/10  From Private to Public                  
                 Rev. Dana Owens-Messiah Baptist Church
Real Talk: Ripped From the Headlines
  07/13/10  Domestic Violence Workshop
                 Dr. Kim Yancey James/ Dr. John Williford


07/20/10  Same Sex Relationships
                 Rev. Jerry M. Carter, Jr., Ph.D.


  07/28/10  Social Networking
                 Dr. Nancy Lynne Whitfield
Nehemiah Study
  09/14/10  Nehemiah Study xx 09/22/10  Divine Favor  
  09/28/10  The Challenge to Rebuild xx 10/13/10  Guiding Discussion Questions  
  11/09/10  Bible Study xx 11/16/10  Our Story, God's Story xx
  11/23/10  Identifying the False Prophet xx 12/07/10  Ministry of Protection xx
  12/14/10  The Key to Restoration xx 01/11/11  The Joy of Restoration xx
  01/25/11  The Joy of Restoration Pt. 2 xx    

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