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Tutoring Learning Skills

A part of tutoring the content material is often demonstrating to students the learning strategies used in mastering the specific course material. In the case of most of your tutees, you will find that this is often the area that stands between your tutee and the mastery of the content. How do you know when study skill strategies are missing? The following list of common responses, especially after an unsuccessful test score, may indicate study skills are an area of challenge.

         "I spent a lot of the studying and still didn't do well."
         "I stayed up all night and I failed the course."
         "I read all the lecture notes, but the questions on the test did not look familiar."
         "I ran out of time and I couldn't answer all of the questions."

The following is a list of suggestions for tutoring learning skills:

1) Emphasize learning to understand
              - Encourage active learning
              - Establish context by surveying the course content, syllabus, exam schedule, concepts, vocabulary

         2) Use a variety of techniques while tutoring (also refer to the section on Tutoring Strategies):
              - Visualization/illustration
              - Question and answer
              - Verbalization

         3) Assess their note-taking abilities

         4) Demonstrate recall techniques ? especially those that were useful to you as students in that class:
              - Flash-Cards (formatting of information on cards)
              - Mnemonic devices
              - Practical recall techniques
              - Ways to group information together

         5) Prepare students to take exams
              - Mastering the process of taking the different types of exams
              - Stress/anxiety management
              - Staying in control
              - Keeping the grade in perspective
              - Offering personal advice and encouragement


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